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The Infinite Power Of Jesus!

The story behind this brief introduction is much too long to tell here.

I’m asking you to take a step of faith and trust me as I assure you that will be astonished by what you see. You will never think of Jesus in the same way as you do now!

Jesus Has Infinite Power

Current Event: COVID-19 Protection!

At 6:00 AM on May 27, 2020 I sent out an email to my list of subscribers. In the article I was featuring that day, I showed how there are 26 promises from the God that protect us from deadly organisms [read: “COVID-19”] in Psalm 91. We are being tested. God is watching to see who will take Him seriously. 26 promises! God is taking this seriously, and so should we. Here’s our chance to show those who think that the Bible is irrelevant in our world today, just how helpful Bible wisdom is in today’s world. Maybe you can persuade an unbeliever to reconsider their point of view. It’s worth a try. It’s not a long article. And by the way, on the day I sent out the email, this article got more “views” than all the others, even the top two that you see listed below.

Spiritual Warfare Articles

These articles will equip you to stand against the lies, deceptions, and overwhelming feelings of fear, doubt, worry, panic attacks that Satan and his demons are slamming you with! Learn how to fight back – and WIN!!

The Angelic Conflict Story

These are a series of articles that tell the story of how – in eternity past – the highest-ranking angel, Lucifer, chose to rebel against God. If Lucifer had not rebelled, but instead had chosen to continue to serve God, the universe and the entire human race would never have existed! We wouldn’t be here. It’s all in the Bible. You MUST read these articles!

Scripture Memory Articles

We are all born into a war zone. We had nothing to do with starting the battle, but we cannot escape from it. So, in order to keep our enemy from destroying our lives, we need to learn how to fight! Fortunately, we have the ultimate weapon: the Word of God. A Christian without Scripture is no better off than a civilian in a raging battle in this world! Get equipped! It’s easier than the devil would have you believe.

The Two Most Popular Articles

This article has been read over 318,000 times. When you read it, take a few minutes to read the comments from previous readers. A very few are negative. The vast majority of their comments express an attitude of being thankful. You likely won’t read all of the comments, because there are over 330 comments.

What The Devil Doesn’t Want You To Know

This next article has been read over 148,000 times! This article will show you how to “take thoughts captive”, so that Satan and his demons will no longer be able to put their thoughts into your mind.
Also,- regarding the comments, readers have made over 400 comments on this article.

How To Banish Unwanted thoughts

Financial Stewardship Audio Messages

Let’s just keep it simple: God owns everything; we are stewards of all that He has given to us. Ultimately, He provided all of it.

Catholic Church Scandals Audio Messages

These audio messages will be shocking to to some of you, depending on your background. I myself was brought up from childhood in the Catholic church, believing that everything the Catholic church leaders said was true. But history shows that they have deliberately lied to us! Listen to these audio messages and you’ll hear what history really teaches about the Catholic Church, the popes, and the Vatican.

Let’s lighten up a bit as we listen to a preacher as he strains to describe Jesus. Feel free to laugh along with his congregation!

Bible preacher S.M Lockeridge describes the King of Kings

Here’s something you’ll really enjoy listening to!
Listen as Bible preacher S.M Lockeridge describes the King of Kings. Here’s a man of who truly does know God.

The title of his message is “My King”, and it’s less that 5 minutes long.

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