How Do We Know Jesus Was Really Who He Said He Was?

Occasionally, I will get a message from a blog reader who is either an unbeliever, or is seeking an answer to share with someone.

The words below are a message from a reader/mother who is concerned about her son:

“Thank you for these great words of Bible wisdom. This is dedicated to my son who does not want evidence of God’s word. He has been convinced through his biological father that God is not important, and as his biological mother my words are just jibber jabber. He’s becoming rich and he thinks God has nothing to do with it at all. I pray it sheds light on his point of view. Thank you and God bless.”

Perhaps this short video (less than 9:00 long) will help to show that Jesus was — and STILL IS — who He said He was!

This is not the whole story, but I hope that it will be helpful in persuading a skeptic or an unbeliever to re-consider their point of view.

- Jan



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