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Jan’s Writing Experience

I’ve been a Christian writer since the early 2000’s. You’re seeing my most recent writings in the pages of this blog.

However, I’ve done other writing prior to focusing exclusively on Christian topics.

I have had several articles published (business and photography topics, not Christian topics) in national magazines. Here are some of them:


FoxPro Advisor magazine — December, 1999

Article Title: Easy Data Export  Click Here to see the article in a PDF file.

Microsoft FoxPro was the hottest product on the market for developing desktop database applications, back in the 1990’s.

I wrote this article and sold it to FoxPro Advisor Magazine after completing a project for a client. The “Data Export” module described in this article was a very small piece of a much larger program that processed data collected from pay telephones. I had to modify it a lot, so that it could be used sort of like a “plugin” for other programs.

I haven’t talked to my friend from the client’s office in years, but the last I heard, their business was really declining. It seems both the product and the tools used to create the supporting software became obsolete.

Moral: the only constant is change. Gottta be flexible!

Petersen’s Photographic magazine — October, 1980

Article Title: Cityscapes At Twilight  Click Here to see the article in a PDF file.