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God Often Involves People In His Work

Remember the story of the wedding feast at Cana of Galalee? Jesus involved the waiters in the process of turning water into wine. He could have simply caused everyone’s glass to be filled with wine. But instead, Jesus chose to involve the people in His process.

Jesus fed the multitudes. Thousands of people were fed from nothing but a few loaves of bread and some fish. He instructed His disciples to organize the people into groups, then have them sit down. Then He had them divide up the food they had and distribute it to the people. As they did so, somehow they didn’t run out of food. Jesus could have caused a sack lunch to drop down at the feet of each person. Instead, He chose to involve the people. And in the distribution of the food, the impact of what was happening came into their hearts in such a way that they would never forget who Jesus was and what He could do.

Jesus could have healed the man with the withered hand without having him stretch it out.

Jesus paid Peter’s tax bill by putting the money into the mouth of a fish. Don’t you think He could have just handed Peter the money?

Jesus healed a man who was deaf””but only after the man gave Jesus permission to touch his ears.

Jesus could have simply commanded the eyes of a blind man to be healed. Instead, He anointed the man’s eyes with clay, then had him go and wash in the pool of Soloam.

And, Jesus could have produced the miraculous catch of fish without having the disciples cast their net on the other side of the boat. They would never have done that on their own. They knew fishing the way a farmer knows soil. It couldn’t possibly work… they thought. But they were also getting to know the ways of their Lord. They chose to be obedient, even when they were tired and the request made no sense. They were obedient… and got a boatload of fish!

There’s a theme here: only after we do the part Jesus asks us to do will He do the part that only He can do!