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Jan’s Teaching / Speaking Experience

Bible Teaching

This describes me:

The Lord God has given Me the tongue of a disciple and of one who is taught, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary. He wakens Me morning by morning, He wakens My ear to hear as a disciple [as one who is taught]” (Isaiah 50:4 amp)

Church Men’s Fellowship

Beginning in April of 2005, I taught what I refer to as a “Bible Application” class. Each week, for over two years, I prepared and presented a lesson showing how to apply Bible wisdom into everyday life. My talks were about 45 minutes to an hour in length.


From 1983 through 1987, I taught a six-week community-education series of classes entitled, “How To Improve Your Color Photography”. I taught this series of classes three times each year, during the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.

One of the best compliments I ever received came from a man who said:

I recently attended the four-day Nikon School Of Photography. You taught me more in the last two hours than in those four days!”

Seminar Speaker–Photography

In the spring of 1987, I was invited to speak at a camera club convention known as the “Inter-Club” convention. I spoke in an auditorium to an audience made up of several hundred camera club members from throughout the Minneapolis / St. Paul area.


I had the following pilot licenses and ratings:

  • Commercial Pilot — single-engine/land
  • Instrument rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • basic and advanced ground instructor

None of these licenses and ratings are current now, of course, but this is what I was passionate about a few decades ago.

In the early 1970’s I was a certified flight instructor, working through North Hennepin Community College. My “classroom” was the cockpit of a Cessna 150 airplane.

I’ll never forget the look on the FAA examiners face when he and my first student returned from the student’s “check ride” exam. When I remarked to the examiner something about testing the student for his Private Pilot license, the examiner exclaimed:

Private Pilot? Oh! He did so well I thought he was going for his Commercial Pilot license!”

Good student; true story.

Seminar Speaker–Computer Programming

In the mid-1990’s I was a presenter at three different “Database Fair” events in Minneapolis. Again, my presentations were of the “How-To” nature.