Resources For Learning To Apply Bible Wisdom Into Everyday Life

When it comes to “knowing the Bible”, I am largely self-taught. Here are the the sources of my Bible knowledge.

There Are Many Sources Of Bible Teaching — No Excuse For Biblical Illiteracy!

Here, in no particular order, is a list of some of the Bible teachers I listen to on the radio:

All of the people listed above have their podcasts available either on their own web site or on I use that resource frequently. If I miss a broadcast, or want to hear it again, I can always go to OnePlace.

All of these have audio and video teaching material for sale on their web sites. Many, if not all, of them are published authors and have books for sale.

There are others besides those on the radio that have helped me to learn.

  • I’ve learned a lot from George Barna. He is an author and Christian researcher. The web site for his company is: Barna Group . There you can purchase his books or subscribe to “Barna Updates” which summarize the surveys his company has conducted. I have copy of his book, “Growing True Disciples” (which I quoted from in my post “Make Disciples” . I also have a copy of “Think Like Jesus”.
  • I also make use of a Christian Radio and Internet Ministry Directory called “”. This online audio resource has over 300 Christian radio ministries. You can search for the one you are looking for by program name or by host name. There aren’t enough hours in the day to listen to them all. I downloaded their app from iTunes into my iPod Touch, and I use that regularly to listen to more Bible teaching. Their web address is:
  • I’ve listened to broadcasts (podcasts?) by Ravi Zacharias Let My People Think . I’ve also seen him on television.
  • I’ve watched hundreds of Joel Osteen’s weekly television broadcasts. His web site is Joel Osteen Ministries . I have a couple of notebooks filled with notes from those broadcasts. Joel has provided quite a few Scriptures that have helped me. Some have inspired things that I have written in this blog.

I have an MP3 player that I use nearly every day. Some of the sermons I have listened to dozens of times. I have a portable radio / audio cassette player that I use nearly every weekday to listen to the aforementioned radio Bible ministry broadcasts.

Most of the sermons I listen to these days is in digital format, but I still use the cassette player once in a while.

Why This Is Important To Me

This is my “push-back” against the “gospel” of the world. That message is everywhere. So I need daily inoculations against the “germs” of the world system.

I think of it as like rubbing an iron needle over a powerful magnet a few times. Doing that causes the needle to be come magnetized. In fact, if you were to float that needle in a dish of water (the surface tension of the water keeps if from sinking) the magnetized needle will point to the north, just like a compass!

But the needle soon looses it’s magnetic strength, and so it needs frequent rubbing against the big powerful magnet.

In the same way, I need to be hearing the truth every day, frequently throughout the day.

It’s like dialysis for my soul.

It re-calibrates the gyroscopes of my life that keep me upright and pointed in the right direction.

It’s spiritual food to nourish me each day.

Jesus said it best:

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4)

~ Jan


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