There are 15 chapters in my book: “How You Can Live In Victory”.

You can read each chapter as a pdf file by clicking the link provided for each chapter. Each PDF file will open in a separate window when you click the link.

Chapter02: How To Eliminate Unwanted thoughts: Read

Chapter03: God’s Spoken Word Has Great Power: Read

Chapter04: Fear is caused by the devil: Read

Chapter05: Why you have no hunger for God’s Word: Read

Chapter06: Think God’s Thoughts to overcome…: Read

Chapter07: Why Learn Bible Verses : Read

Chapter08: Benefits Of Scripture Memory : Read

Chapter09: Memorizing Scripture Takes Perseverance.. : Read

Chapter10: A Spirit Of Fear : Read

Chapter11: Perfect Was Not Good Enough : Read

Chapter12: Divine protection from the devil : Read

Chapter13: Divide And Conquer : Read

Chapter14: The Meaning Of Life : Read

Chapter15: Why the universe and humans exist : Read

- Jan


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