Catholic Church and Vatican Scandals

I have mixed feelings about sharing this with you.
I was raised as a Catholic. My mother said it was to One True Church.
She said that because the priests said it. I was a little boy.
If my mother said that what the Catholic Church taught was true, and if the priests said it was true, I saw no reason to question anything the Catholic Church taught.
And not only that, because I was still in the Catholic Church when our children were born, all 4 of our children are now adults believing that all churches are basically the same, so why bother going to church at all? After all, I used to be just like they are now…
That is… until more recent times. I began to realize that the church I was raised in was not what I thought it was.
And then.. a friend shared these messages with me.

Catholic Church And Vatican Scandals
Let’s put it this way: the “Mary” of the Catholic Church is NOT the Mary of the Bible who raised Jesus and watched Him die on a cross.

The Woman Who Rode The Beast – Dave Hunt

49:24 minutes.

This audio message may be upsetting to you, depending upon your background. This is about the price paid by tens of thousands of people who were killed for their “crime” of wanting to read the Bible. Most people do not know about the atrocities committed during earlier centuries by the Catholic Church. Regardless of whether or not you are a Catholic, you need to hear this. Those who are Bible believers should listen to this message because the message will give you a more profound appreciation for the fact that we can openly read and benefit from our Bibles. As you will hear, that was not always true. Here is just one of many examples. Beginning at the bottom of page 789 of a book titled “Haley’s Bible Handbook”, historian H. H. Haley wrote about an event known as St. Bartholomew’s Massacre. He wrote:

“Catherine de Medici, mother of the king, an ardent Romanist and willing tool of the Pope, gave the order and on the night of August 24, 1572, 70,000 Huguenots, along with their leaders, were Massacred!”

That’s just part of the price paid so that we can have and read our Bibles. The title of his message is “The History Of The Church.” The man speaking is Pastor Chuck Missler


These 4 messages are by Michael Voris. He describes the homosexual activity going on in the Vatican, which is the headquarters of the Catholic Church. Mr. Voris is himself a Catholic. His purpose seems to be to expose and get rid of the “bad apples” so that the Church will be pure and without blemish. The messages are short, but shocking!

Homosexuals And The Conclave.
There’s no such thing as one cockroach.
The New Pope And Homoheresy.
The Papacy And Gay Mafia.

As I wrote at the top, this is not the church I thought it was.
But here’s the thing: Bible believing Christians should know these things so that when a Catholic comes into your church – wondering what a Bible church is like – you in the Bible church will know where the person is coming from. Be gentle with them. If at all possible, see if you can get them to listen to these messages. Some will want to follow the ways of the Bible. Others will be steadfastly in denial. But you will have done your part: you shared the truth with them.
Also, Catholics should know about these things so they can be informed as to what their church is really like.

- Jan

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