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Here are the details: TABLE OF CONTENTS 1) What The Devil Does Not Want You To Know 2) How To Banish Unwanted Thoughts 3) You Get The Power Of God When You Speak The Word Of God 4) Fear Is Caused By The Devil 5) Spiritual Hunger For God's Word Missing? Here's Why 6) Think Read More

What Is God Trying To Teach Us?

I think you would agree: these are troubling times that we are living in. Repressive governments around the world are murdering their own citizens. And those are people who are alive: What about the unborn? We are slaughtering them by the millions! And in the United States (or should I say the UN-united states), look Read More

Catholic Church and Vatican Scandals

I have mixed feelings about sharing this with you. I was raised as a Catholic. My mother said it was to One True Church. She said that because the priests said it. I was a little boy. If my mother said that what the Catholic Church taught was true, and if the priests said it Read More

Note To An Evangelical Pastor

Pastor, you may have been and are one of my Bible mentors, and you may be the most qualified to address an issue that I believe God as given me insight into recently. I'll get right to the point. In a recent sermon, our pastor touched on a number of areas that really cried out Read More

What I Would Say

I am writing this article in October of 2020. In early September, I celebrated my 78th birthday! I would like to share some of the wisdom I have learned during those years. So, If we were sitting together, here are some of the things I would say to you. About staying married If you have Read More

Suffering Strengthens You

The people of new testament times responded to suffering. Their trials, insults and adversities made them stronger. Once you see how they responded, you will realize that Suffering Strengthens You. This is about how suffering strengthens you. There are 143 passages in the New Testament that address suffering, trials, adversities, hardships, persecutions, and insults. I Read More

Jesus has infinite power

There is a short video that you'll see as you scroll down through this article. If you haven't already read this part, you should read this part first, otherwise you will completely miss the point I'm trying to make. In order to demonstrate that Jesus has infinite power, I have to begin with a brief Read More

Video Messages

Every year in December, we celebrate a "holiday" known as "Christmas". Many of us will attend church services on Christmas Eve and/or on Christmas day. We will lift up our voices in song, as we remember the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, over two thousand years ago. But I'm wondering... how many people Read More

This Is Us

Let me show you from the Bible how many of us as individuals, families, nations, and as citizens of the world have been reacting to things that happened recently, as well as in the past. See if you don't agree: this is us! And by the way: the Bible passages that I will show you Read More

Protection From The Covid-19 Virus

.list-banner { margin-top: 0; Margin-bottom: 5px; } In previous posts, I wrote about how this nasty coronavirus that seems to have almost the whole world cowering in fear. But notice: I said "almost" the whole world! But we (Bible believing Christians) have 26 promises in Psalm 91 from Almighty God Himself to protect us from Read More