Troubled Marriage: Restored!
Extreme praying
for a spiritual
“Extreme Makeover”
Price: $3.00

How To Help A Couple Whose Marriage Is Hurting

Is it your marriage? Or is it the marriage of a couple near and dear to your heart?

You don’t have to watch helplessly. There’s something you can do that will help!

As a Christian, you know how powerful and beneficial prayer is, right? Well, this booklet contains a praise-filled prayer based upon powerful passages from God’s Word.

When we praise God and pray by speaking His Word out loud, it really brings God Himself into the situation.

You don’t have to be a marriage counselor to recognize: this is spiritual warfare! Satan and his demons have honed their “divide-and-conquer” strategy to a fine art.

But we have the Ultimate Weapon: the Word of God! That’s what “Troubled Marriage Restored” is all about.

Unlike books that you sit down and read, this booklet is a prayer you should kneel down and pray.

In addition to many passages of Scripture, this prayer is filled with praise and thanks to God for what we believe He is already doing!

What began with me on my knees praying for a married couple I care deeply about is now available for others to use to pray for those whom they love.