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Supernatural Problems Need A Supernatural Solution

We think our problems are caused by other people, But they are usually supernatural problems caused by the devil. These problems can only be resolved with a supernatural solution. And God has provided the supernatural solution we need. Every one of us is born into a war zone. We are part of a vast cosmic battle taking place both here on earth and in the heavenly realm. This battle is between God and His angels, and Satan and his demons. Read The Full Article

How To Defeat Despair

You have a choice. You can remain in the valley of despair or you can choose to take action and defeat despair. Satan wants to keep you stuck in a well of despair. But you can defeat despair by turning to God in your trial and allowing Him to defeat the devil for you. Read the Full Post

Patiently Enduring Unjust Suffering Finds Favor With God

The notion that patiently enduring unjust suffering finds favor with God is totally against popular culture. But then again, so is most of what's in the Bible. That's reason enough to trust God. After all, the devil and his demons are in charge nearly everything going on in our world today. But when we know God we know the truth! Read the Full Article

The Meaning Of Life Is What?

The meaning of life is for each of us to discover that God created us, that He loves us, that He longs to have a relationship with each one of us, and that He wants us to be His ambassadors on earth. But we have a big stumbling block to overcome... Read More

What The Devil Does NOT Want You To DO

The devil DOES NOT want you to read the Bible. But if you do read it, the devil does not want you to understand what you read. But if you do read and understand it, the devil does not want you to memorize so much as one verse. But if you do all that, what the devil REALLY DOES NOT WANT YOU TO DO IS.... Read More

If I Talk To God Will The Devil Know My Problems?

Someone asked, "If I talk to God, will the devil know my problems?" Actually the devil caused your problems, and is hoping you won't find out that God is... Read More

The Devil’s Dirtiest Trick Of All

The devil's dirtiest trick is not that he lies or makes you fearful or that he tempts you or that he accuses you before God. His dirtiest trick of all is... Read More

God Knows How Long I Will Live!
Therefore, I Will Not Fret About It

It's difficult for us to have an eternal perspective on our lives. But I've chosen to put my life into God's hands because God knows how long I will live. Life is a test! We either obey by faith, or walk away. He wants to see who will trust Him enough to obey Him, even when what He's asking seems...Read the Full Post

Free From My Fears

By the power of God's Word I live free from my fears! But I had to do my part. My part was to give up my right to be independent, and surrender my life to Jesus. Then, just as He promised, he helped me to become free from my fears. Read the Full Post

Sleep Peacefully; God Says You Can

As you think about going to bed tonight, do the words, "sleep peacefully" seem ridiculous? Let God help you, by using His Word as a weapon against the devil just as He intended... Read the Full Post

I Don’t Understand The Bible

People say, "I know I should read the Bible, but I don't understand the Bible". Here's the truth: you do not have to continue to be one of those who do not understand the Bible. God wouldn't command you to Know His Word without giving you a way to do it. You need determination, training, and diligent practice. But that's only part of the solution. The real problem (and the solution) is...Read the Full Article

The Devil ALWAYS Lies

Just as it is impossible for God to lie, it is equally impossible for Satan and his demons to tell the truth. Because the devils always lies, therefore we know that the opposite of what they say is the truth...Read the Full Post

A Spirit Of Fear

Here is perhaps the most important thing to know about fear: it is not just a physiological response to circumstances. Fear is a spiritual phenomenon, inflicted by the devil! Read the Full Post

God Is More Powerful Than The Devil

There is no reason for you to fear the devil. God is infinitely more powerful than all of them combined, and He's on your side. Obey Him; let Him help you...

Choose Your Words Carefully

Choose your words carefully. The devil can't read your thoughts, but he knows what you say and do, and uses any transgressions to accuse you before God. Our negative words and actions give the devil a legal standing...Read More