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How God Transformed Me

God transformed me by using two things to get His Word into me. One was a person; the other was a situation. The person was a priest. The situation was the fact that there is no dishwasher in our kitchen!!??...Read More

When The Devil Owned Me

For the first five decades of my life the devil owned me. The demons could torment me at will because I was ignorant of the fact that they were even there! And so, when I lost my job, the demons tied me in knots of fear, especially in bed at night ... Read the Full Post

You Can Live Free From Fear

Living free from fear is possible, but you have a part in the process. There are some things you must know, and some things you must do. It's a partnership with God. What was it that Jesus said over and over? "Fear not!".
Three important and encouraging truths: 1) God is always with you. ALWAYS. He's with you right now. The truth is: GOD LOVES YOU!. 2) It is possible, according to Jesus and Paul, for YOU to live free from fear. 3) Most of the fear you are experiencing is being caused by ... Read the full post