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Believe God? Of Course I Believe God!

Are you a "casual Christian" or a "captive Christian"? Are you suffering from spiritual apathy? Do you pretend to believe God in order to impress others? Do you believe in God -- but He makes no significant difference in your life? You can know the answers. Read The Full Post

Make Disciples

Q: Whose job is it to make disciples? A: Every committed Christian must be involved in some way to doing the work Jesus left for us to do. But good news: He promises to help us! After all, Jesus did not minister, die, and rise from the dead merely to enlist fans! Also: Just as sitting in the stands at a baseball game does not make you a baseball player, neither does merely sitting in church for an hour on Sunday make you a Christian! Read More

You Must Be Born Again

How I despised that phrase: "born-again"! Like squeaky blackboard chalk, it grated on my sensibilities. I knew people who said they were born again. As far as I could tell, most were pompous, holier-than-thou people claiming some sort of spiritual superiority. I was making a mistake a lot of people make: dismissing the message because Read More