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Make A Difference In The Lives Of Others. That’s What God Calls Us To Do

Is there any practical application for Bible verses that we memorize? Is it possible for my memorized Scripture to make a difference in someone else's life? Could memorized verses make a difference in someone's eternal destination? And did that happen in this particular incident? Read the Full Post

I’m Hearing From God; Here’s What He Told Me

How does it strike you when someone claims to be “hearing from God”? I was thinking the other day about how I've heard people claim to have been “hearing from God.” They relate these “hearings” as though they had some special connection to the Throne of Grace that the rest of us do not have. ~ Read more...

Spiritual Hunger For Bible Memory Missing? Here’s Why!

There is an important reason why you don't "feel" hunger for spiritual matters such as Scripture memory. Spiritual hunger works exactly the opposite from natural hunger. Our bodies are designed to signal us when we need food. Every newborn baby demonstrates this by crying out for milk. Meanwhile, our spiritual being is equally famished, longing for spiritual food. But most people, through a lack of Bible teaching, do not realize their condition. If they feed their spirit anything, it's the equivalent of a few crumbs! Read more...

Benefits of Scripture Memory

This is all about the BENEFITS of Scripture memory. And let me tell you, God is no cheapskate when it comes to lavishing His benefits upon those who obey Him. There are for too many to list here, so here's my "Top Ten" list of biblical principles that, if you live by these, you will benefit from: Truth that sets you fee, freedom from fear, joy in the LORD, perfect peace, protection from the devil, contentment and daily renewal!. Read more...

Why Learn Bible Verses

You can't think God's Thoughts until you internalize His Word into your heart. You can read, so I know you can do it! Daily reading of selected Scriptures ls an easy way to learn Bible verses. Here's how I know you can do it: You can remember your phone number, your address, the birthdays of people you know, details of how to do your job, etc., right? Then you can learn bible verses. Here's how I do it: Read More

Delight: The Goal of Scripture Memory

Do you get it? Can you see it? This "delight" thing is a benefit that God is offering to us. But as with most of Gods offers, it seems to contradict our experience and our common sense. Read The Full Article

How To Live “In Perfect Peace” ”” Part 3

Today is Monday, November 14, 2011. On this same Monday in 1988, exactly 23 years ago, I was fired from my job. In my previous post I described how, for many months that followed, I was tormented by fear and by panic attacks. All of that took place before I know about the spiritual basis Read More

How To Live “In Perfect Peace” – Part 1

Have you ever noticed how a seemingly ordinary day can suddenly become memorable? Often you don't recognize those days until after they've happened. You look back and think, "Because that happened, this is a day I'll always remember." When I became aware of that "after-the-fact" aspect years ago, I decided to try to recognize "in Read More

Our new stove — and our old stove

The year was 1973 when my wife Joanne and I and our little five-month-old daughter Jennifer moved into this house. Richard Nixon was president at that time, and gasoline cost just over 30 cents/gallon. I think I was earning $900/month as an engineer at that time. Joanne and I had saved enough money to afford Read More

Notes from I Corinthians 1

Jan Smith - 01/22/2008 My bible is filled with notes I've written in the margins, in the white space between paragraphs and in those blank spaces at the end of a chapter. I've been writing those notes for many years. Most of the notes are not dated, so I don't know exactly when I wrote Read More