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Seeing The Unseen – Excerpts

Why The Universe And The Human Race Exist

The human race exists because of a rebellion among the angels that erupted in the heavenly realm BEFORE God created the universe!
In eternity past, God’s first creation event was to create what the Bible calls the “angelic realm”, which He populated with innumerable angels. He created them so that He could love them. All He asked of them in return was that they would acknowledge Him and in so doing, return the love God showed to them.
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PERFECT Was Not Good Enough

Every problem you have ever had in the past; every problem you have right now; every problem you will ever have in the future; — all these problems are the direct result of events that happened in eternity-past! BUT: When you know and understand the source of your problems, you have taken a big step toward managing and even eliminating those problems.
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Satan Is NOT In Control – Part 1

The Bible assures us that Satan is not in control. But as we look around in the world today, it’s getting easier to consider that the man who wrote the following comment might be right.
“And yet, all the world is under the devil’s control. We are living in the most evil time in human history, and more humans are under the devil’s dominion than ever before.”
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Satan Is NOT In Control – Part 2

Something that most people (even Bible Christians) do not know is this: Satan has to get permission from God before he can do anything against you. And often, he gets permission. And if you are unaware on the unseen realm, you may also unaware of the fact that Satan accuses you “day and night” in the courtroom of heaven. And — if you haven’t repented of your sins — do you know what happens?
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Satan Is NOT In Control [But Keep short accounts with God]

Four important truths to consider: 1) Temptation: Satan has studied you to discover your weaknesses. Then, he tempts you to commit a sin. 2) ACCUSATION: This is all about the strict legal system in heaven, where the court is in session day and night, and how “the accuser of our brothers” tries to get a judgement against you. 3) PERMISSION: Satan MUST get permission from God before he can do anything to you! 4) RECONCILIATION: Having realized that our actions do not bring glory to God; when we choose not to put the blame others, we can be reconciled to God!
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Satan HATES You!! [but why??]

Here, the focus is on how God seems to have actually invited Satan to inflict demonic wrath upon Job. Recall: TWICE God said to Satan “Have you considered my servant Job.” But why? Why would God deliberately invite Satan to “demonize” someone that He (God) described as “a blameless and upright men who fears God and turns away from evil”. But I believe God has shown me the answer regarding “why”.
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The Meaning Of Life Is What?

The meaning of life — our primary purpose — should be to give our hearts to God, and then help others to do the same.
Long ago, God came among us as one of us. He taught the people by way of His words and deeds. His name is Jesus. He paid the price in full for our sins, and left us with everything we need in order to get to Heaven.
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God Needs To Lighten Up

I’ve actually heard people say — regarding God’s standard of holiness and perfection — “God needs to lighten up on that”! There’s no shortage of “fake news” and misinformation on the subject of how we can get to heaven. Forget them; what does God say?
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Supernatural Problems Need A Supernatural Solution

There are only two things in this world that are supernatural: the souls of human beings and the Word of God. This is important to be aware of because things such as unwanted thoughts, nightmares, panic attacks, fear, doubt, or anxiety are usually supernatural problems. And we can only overcome supernatural problems with the SUPERNATURAL POWER of God’s Word.
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The Lake Of Fire Was Created For Evil Spirits

The lake of fire was originally prepared for the devil and his demons, not for people. BUT… the souls of most people will be cast into the lake of fire for eternity! The lake of fire was originally prepared for the angels that rebelled, not for humans. But, because of Satan’s deception leading to Adam’s sin, we are born into this world under the same judgement as Adam.
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God Is More Powerful Than The Devil

Not only is it true that God is more powerful than the devil, God is infinitely more powerful than Satan and all of his demons combined! I am emphasizing this idea about how God is more powerful than the devil (Satan) and all of his demons combined because I want to reassure you that God is totally in control. There is no way all of the forces of hell combined could overpower God.
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There Will Be Scoffers

When YOU are eager to “walk” as a disciple of Jesus, there will be scoffers. You will be trying to live like this: “Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” BUT sure enough: there will be scoffers.
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