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 Skeptics Unbelievers and Critics They will always see what they want to see: a way to appear blameless in their own eyes, even as they ignore the Truth.

 Why Was I Able To Overcome The Devil? God used two of the most unlikely ways to begin my transformation that you could imagine.

 How God Transformed Me God used two of the most unlikely ways to begin my transformation process that you could imagine.

 When The Devil Owned Me For the first five decades my life the devil owned me! Because of my biblical ignorance, he could torment me at will.

 You Can Live Free From Fear 1) God is always with you; 2) It is possible to live without fear; 3) Fear is caused by Satan and his demons.

 The Night I Stood Up To The Devil On this particular night, when the devil set out to terrify me: THIS TIME I TERRIFIED HIM!

 What The Devil Doesn’t Want You To Know Satan and his demons are powerless and flee in terror when confronted by the supernatural power of the Truth of God’s Word.

 How Do I Stand Firm On God’s Promises? The battle is taking place in your mind. So then, the solution is to learn to control what comes into your mind..

 Relationship And Fellowship Your RELATIONSHIP with God doesn’t break if you happen to commit a sin. But your FELLOWSHIP with God breaks because of sin.

 Once Saved Always Saved? Yes, but the real question is: are you truly saved?

 God Rejoices Over You With Singing God is not mad AT you; He’s mat ABOUT you!

 Make Disciples  Every Christian is (or should be) in the business of helping to make disciples

 The Meaning Of Life Is What? Life is a sorting process. We get to choose.
 Embarrassing testimony  would never be in the Bible IF the Bible were a hoax

 Praise God! He Loves That Praise in advance actually activates God’s help
 Mercy New Every Morning Another day = another chance

 Supernatural Problems Supernatural problems can only be overcome using a supernatural solution
 Choose Joy, Not Happiness Happiness depends on circumstances; Joy in the Lord is constant…

 Bible Truth Sets You Free therefore lack of Bible Truth leaves you in bondage
 God Knows How Long I Will Live God has already seen your entire life…

 The REAL Catholic Church Dilemma The Catholic Church has a dilemma it can never resolve.

 Truth Sets You Free therefore lack of Bible Truth leaves you in bondage
 When Nightmares Haunt You Bad news: Satan; GOOD NEWS: God is waiting to help you!

 Three Stages Of Scripture Learning Memorizing Scripture begins with discipline
 Choose Your Words Carefully What is in your heart will eventually come out of your mouth!

 How To Memorize Bible Verses — Easily!  Read / speak the same Scriptures every day
 Think God’s Thoughts to Conquer Fear and Anxiety  When you think God’s thoughts, He keeps you in PERFECT PEACE!

 Spiritual Hunger Missing? Here’s Why Spiritual hunger works just the opposite of natural hunger
 Enter By The Narrow Gate The Bible sorts people into two groups: some will go to heaven; most will not

 Delight: The Goal of Scripture Memory It begins as a discipline, becomes a desire, then a DELIGHT!
 How To Defeat Despair God is right there with you. Turn to Him…

You Get The Power Of God When You Speak The Word of God God has built His power into His Word

How To Banish Unwanted Thoughts You can be free from unwanted thoughts

How To Defeat The Devil Jesus demonstrates the power of His spoken Word

Divine Protection From The Devil God offers protection to all who will submit to Him.

God Is More Powerful Than The Devil More powerful than Satan and all his demons

Satan And His Demons Always Lie Half-truths are lies, like poison in your coffee

Fear Is Caused By The Devil Your thoughts and feelings are from Satan

God Needs To Lighten Up (Oh really??) Well, that's what I've heard people say!


How YOU Can Live In Peace

38 lessons - click/tap image above

All problems are easier to face when you are working from a position of peace and strength rather than from a position of worry, anxiety, and fear. Peace is what you long for, right?  The really good news is: EVERYONE can have peace! How can I say that? Because Jesus Himself said it.

The Battle Is Not Yours, but Gods

30 lessons - click/tap image above

This online course includes a biblical example of how God will fight your battle for you, WHEN you choose to live in harmony with Him.
ALSO: In one of the units in this course, I have shared part of my ongoing transformation in Gods "University of Adversity".