Has Anyone Ever Lied To Make Themselves Look BAD?

Dr. Frank Turek asks, “Have you ever lied to make yourself look good?” He answers his own question: “Of course you have.”


Frank asks, “Have you ever lied to make yourself look BAD?” Again he answers, “No, you would never do that”

He’s making a point by stating a principle of embarrassment:

If there’s something embarrassing in a text, it’s probably true! The authors would never make themselves look bad, just as you and I would never make ourselves look bad.

Dr. Turek goes on to make this point: that there are many examples in the Bible that would certainly be an viewed as embarrassing to Christianity, Therefore — human nature being what it is — the embarrassing incidents in the Bible ought to be considered to be true.

The New Testament documents are filled with embarrassing details that they never would have invented

Here are some of Dr. Turek’s examples:
  • The New Testament writers considered themselves to be dimwitted. They didn’t understand what Jesus is saying; they don’t understand His mission. In fact, they don’t really “get” His mission until He has already ascended to Heaven.
  • Peter, their leader was called “Satan” by Jesus
  • Peter told Jesus, “I will never deny You”, but he ended up denying Jesus THREE TIMES!
  • At the crucifixion, the disciples run away! Why would they run away? Why wold they admit that they ran away? They wouldn’t, if it wasn’t true
  • The first witnesses at the tomb were women! Why would invent that testimony? In this male-dominated culture the testimony of a woman was not even considered. Yet, all four Gospels say that the women were the first ones at the empty tomb.
  • Jesus’ own family thought He is out of His mind!
  • Jesus is called a drunkard; He’s called “demon-possessed”
They’e just telling the truth as it is!

- Jan



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