Excerpts: How To Be Free From Fear, Worry, Anxiety

In a way, this set of articles make up my own personal testimony.

You Can Live Free From Fear

God is always with you. ALWAYS. He’s with you right now. The truth is: GOD LOVES YOU!
It is possible, according to Jesus and Paul, for YOU to live free from fear.
Most of the fear you are experiencing is being caused by demons. They do NOT want you to be free from fear.
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When The Devil Owned Me

When I arrived at work on the morning of Monday, November 14, 1988, I was senior design engineer for a local manufacturing company.
By mid-morning, I was not. I had been fired.
Fear set in: what if I couldn’t get more work?
Not only was I out of a job, I was also out of a career.
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The Night I Stood Up To The Devil

In the wee hours of a warm summer night, I found myself half-awake.
Suddenly, as though being rushed by a wicked intruder, I felt the all-too-familiar wave of panic beginning to rise within me.
Ah, but this time I knew what to do. I knew the source of the fear, and I was equipped with the Truth.
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Why Was I Able To Overcome The Devil?

It’s no surprise to me to realize that the first thing Jesus taught as He began his public ministry was a lesson on how to overcome the devil.
Each time the devil tried to tempt Jesus, He responded by quoting Scripture.
So the technique is…
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Skeptics Unbelievers and Critics

In their minds, skeptics can cause un-truths to be true — just be believing it. Unbelievers choose to think that there is no truth. Critics always take the position that they know more than you do. I choose to go with the Truth of God’s Word!
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