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Troubled Marriage Restored – Supporting Articles

God Has Made Some Promises

Someone has said that the Bible contains some 7500 promises from God. Now: if there is one axiom that every person who even thinks about calling themselves a Christian should agree with and live by, it’s this:
God Always Keeps His Promises
A lot of people are skeptical, perhaps because they think of God’s promises as carrying about as much weight as our promises. You know…
“I promise… to try”
“I promise… until I get a better offer”
“I promise… unless you make me mad…”
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God Often Involves People In His Work

Remember the story of the wedding feast at Cana of Galalee? Jesus involved the waiters in the process of turning water into wine. He could have simply caused everyone’s glass to be filled with wine. But instead, Jesus chose to involve the people in His process.
Jesus fed the multitudes. Thousands of people were fed from nothing but a few loaves of bread and some fish. He instructed His disciples to organize the people into groups, then have them sit down. Then He had them divide up the food they had and distribute it…
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He Still Uses Slingshots

This is so very much like David’s battle with Goliath. Satan has manipulated this man and his wife with the skill and cunning of a puppeteer. He can cause them to say and do things to hurt each other seemingly at will. I can almost see Satan laughing in God’s face, mocking the God I serve just as Goliath mocked our God whom David called the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel.
Like David with nothing but a slingshot, I refuse to stand by watching that happen and do nothing. What is ultimately at stake here is the very Name and reputation of God Himself. God’s Word promises that there is none who can deliver from His hand…
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Why There Is So Much “Praise” In This Prayer

In the days of the Old Testament when that passage was written, God had a covenant with the people of Israel. When they praised God, it so pleased Him that the Psalmist says He inhabited the praises of His people.
Today, the covenant is with the followers of Jesus. When we praise God, He dwells in our praises. We enter into an intimate relationship with God. He is “Enthroned in our praises”. In other words, speaking words of Praise brings God into the center of your life.
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Why I Pray This Prayer Every Day

The answer is: because Paul said he did, and because he also said I should imitate him. God inspired Paul to write it, therefore it’s one of God’s biblical principles.
We know that when God says something in His Word even once, it’s important. But when He says it multiple times, we should see it as a message flashing on a gigantic billboard. So just in case you remain unconvinced…
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Encouragement When It Seems Impossible

When you’re battling discouragement, it’s imperative that you know what the truth is. Knowing the truth will not solve your underlying problems, but knowing the truth will allow you to cope with life and have peace even in the midst of the storm you’re in.
First of all, understand that Satan and his demons are the instigators of things like despair, discouragement, disillusionment, confusion, doubt, worry, anxiety, fear, panic, etc. Do you remember how the Bible says…
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