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Excerpts: Benefits of Scripture Memory

Truth Sets You Free

BENEFIT: Freedom from the tyranny of lies!

Jesus promises that if we remain in His Word, we will obtain the benefit of freedom. We will know the Truth (that’s God’s Word) and the truth will set us free.
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Fear Is Caused By The Devil

BENEFIT: Freedom from fear caused by the devil!

Here is a very important thing to know about fear: most of it has spiritual roots. Satan and his demons have the ability to manipulate your thoughts and feelings without your knowledge. But once you know, you can get equipped and defeat the devil.
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Seek Joy, Not Happiness

BENEFIT: A fruit of your relationship with God is JOY!

Happiness rises and falls with circumstances. Joy is constant, because joy is in the Lord. God is longing to help you rise to this level of spiritual maturity. This is living in the joy that flows from a constant awareness of your intimate relationship with God..
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God Will Keep You In Perfect Peace

BENEFIT: Perfect Peace that defies all understanding!

When your thoughts line up with God’s thoughts; when you have not just memorized His Word, but internalized it by allowing God to work it into your heart, God gives you His peace.
Several things you can do: make God the top priority in your life; preach His Word to yourself throughout the day; …
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Divine Protection From The Devil

BENEFIT: God’s protection from the devil!

Jesus has given us the perfect “how-to” strategy for victory over the temptations, lies, and attacks of the devil.
In Matthew 4:1-11, Satan tried to tempt Jesus three times. But each time, Jesus deflected the temptation by speaking the Truth of Scripture. In each response Jesus said, “It is written…” followed by a statement of Truth from the Word of God.
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How To Be Content In Difficult Times

BENEFIT: Freedom from the bondage of discontent!

Contentment is a virtue that does not come naturally. But it can be learned. If Paul could write about contentment from a prison cell, who of us cannot learn contentment in the affairs of our lives? But we must choose it, and then God promises to help us.
A reporter once asked John D. Rockefeller, one of the richest men in the world at the time, how much money was enough. He replied, “Just a little bit more.” But if that’s your goal, you doom yourself to failure…
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His Mercy Is New Every Morning

BENEFIT: A new day = another chance!

You may have messed things up royally today. But tomorrow, He’ll be right there for you, longing to forgive you, help you, calm you, strengthen you, encourage you and pour out His steadfast love and mercy upon you.
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God Is Always With You

BENEFIT: Knowing that God is ALWAYS with you!

Throughout the Bible, God promises He will never leave nor forsake us; that He will be with us always.
Because we have a free will, God will not force His help upon us.
Train yourself to turn to Him immediately when troubles come.
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God works All Things Together For Good

BENEFIT: God will help get the “train-wreck” of your life back on track!

God never wastes an experience. He will take what seems to be an absolute “train wreck” of a life,and use it for His purposes. He didn’t cause your problems, but He allowed them to happen, for reasons you may not know until you’re in heaven. The fact is: He saw your train wreck coming before He created the universe!
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God Rejoices Over You With Singing

BENEFIT: Knowing that God is not mad AT you’ He’s mad ABOUT you!

Some people keep God at a distance, picturing Him as an angry old man with a big stick who is just waiting for them to so much as look sideways, so He can pound them down. That image of God is a lie from the demons in hell! Here’s the truth: God loves YOU! He’s not mad AT you; He’s mad ABOUT you!
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