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Scripture Memory Excerpts

How To Memorize Bible Verses – Easily!

Seven Steps: 1: MAKE A DECISION! Decide TODAY that you WILL begin doing Scripture memory; 2: CHOOSE A TIME OF DAY! I prefer early morning, but you may not; 3: CHOOSE SCRIPTURES TO MEMORIZE This is very much a personal choice; 4: READ THEM OUT LOUD — if possible. It enhances the learning process; 5: MEMORIZE THE REFERENCE — so you’ll know where in the Bible it is; 6: STUDY THE PASSAGE — 5 questions with which to examine a passage; 7: FIND WAYS TO SHARE IT — This really pushes you to learn.
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Why Memorize Bible Verses?

God has commanded us to put His Word “on our hearts” as it were, to memorize passages from the Bible. Once we’ve done that, we find ourselves actually thinking God’s thoughts. He uses them to guide us.
I find it’s easier to memorize many scriptures over a longer period of time by simply reading them just once each day.
The article also includes a few details of how I do Scripture memory.
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Scripture Memory Benefits

This article is long in that it contains ten examples. If you prefer, you can read the same ten examples individually via the “Scripture Memory Benefits” list back on the◄ Index Page.

Trying to list all the benefits of Scripture memory would be like trying to count all the stars at night. So to make the point that Scripture is beneficial, I chose ten that have been extremely beneficial and helpful to me.
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No Appetite For Scripture Memory? Here’s Why!

You entered this world with a ravenous natural hunger, but almost no spiritual hunger. If you continually suppress your spiritual hunger, your spirit becomes emaciated.
But there’s a supernatural phenomenon that takes over:
“You will want more of whatever you feed yourself on.”
The key is: ignore your feelings and begin by faith to feed yourself on God’s Word.
It’s not natural; it’s supernatural!
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What The Devil Does Not Want You To Know!

Seven strategies that the enemy uses to keep you distracted and oblivious to God’s Word.
Demons attack by STEALTH–they want you to think they don’t exist; by IGNORANCE–so you won’t find out the truth; by ANESTHESIA–to keep your senses dulled toward the Bible; by UNBELIEF–you dismiss the Bible as irrelevant; by DISTRACTION–get your attention away from the Bible; by DOUBT–so you question the authenticity of the Bible; OUTRIGHT LIES–put thoughts into your mind that turn you away from the Bible.
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Persevere, And Here’s What Will Happen

Three Stages Of Scripture Learning:
1) DISCIPLINE – At first it takes a determined effort to do these things. Call it a step of faith. You have to believe, though you can’t see the result yet. Here’s where most people quit. Don’t be one of them. Instead, reorder your priorities. Put God first! Start with just a few minutes each day. Do that for a week, then increase it little by little. As you continue diligently, you’ll arrive at the next stage: 2) DESIRE – now you look forward to it; keep on persevering and you’ll reach the summit: 3) DELIGHT! – Astonishing; you will never look back!
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You Get The Power Of God When You Speak The Word of God

Did you know… we can access the power of God by simply speaking His Word over your situations? No, it won’t get you stupid stuff like a new car, but it will protect you from the devil. Personally, I much prefer His protection. I already have a car. BUT… Did you know that Jesus said that when you speak His Word out loud, your voice becomes His voice?
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The Practical Practice Of Praising God

God loves it when we acknowledge all that He as done for us by praising Him. God deserves our praise. Besides, there are practical benefits that come to us when we praise Him throughout each day.
When you keep your mind focused on God by praising Him instead of wallowing in your problems, He lifts up your spirit!
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Resources For Learning

Most of my Bible knowledge has come from radio ministry broadcasts. I’ve gotten a lot of (at first) tapes, then CD’s and mp3’s. I listen to these messages while doing chores or while exercising each morning.
For what it’s worth, I’ll list the ones who have helped me and are continuing to help me.
Also, I’ll list some online resources you can use to search for passages of Scripture.
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