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Excerpts: Encouraging Scripture Memory Articles

Delight — The Joy Of Scripture Memory

Scripture memory begins as a DISCIPLINE; it becomes a JOY and the DELIGHT of your heart! This article is about the highest level, called “Delight”. At this level, you need no urging to get you into God’s Word. You can’ get enough of it!
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Bible Memory — Keep The Momentum

Bible memory is much easier to CONTINUE doing than to START doing!
In the classic “tug-of-war” between your flesh and your spirit, the one you feed always wins. So you have to decide deliberately to feed your spirit, to make it stronger. In the past your spirit has been weak and emaciated.
So, here’s what to do:
You have to begin with a step of faith.
Think of it like this…
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How To Banish Unwanted Thoughts

You entered this world with a ravenous natural hunger, but almost no spiritual hunger. If you continually suppress your spiritual hunger, your spirit becomes emaciated.
But there’s a supernatural phenomenon that takes over:
“You will want more of whatever you feed yourself on.”
The key is: ignore your feelings and begin by faith to feed yourself on God’s Word.
It’s not natural; it’s supernatural!
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Did I Make A Difference?

I used to see Tom at the gym. One day. we got into a discussion about the Bible.
I asked him, “do you believe there is such a thing as absolute truth? Are there truths that are true for every person?”
“Oh no”, he exclaimed, “I believe that truth can be different for each person.”
I replied, “Do you believe that? Is that absolutely true?” “Yes!”, he exclaimed.
Well, I had trapped him… but God showed me how I had not helped him.
A couple of years later God gave me a chance to tell Tom gently and lovingly what he really needed to hear.
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