Supernatural Problems Need A Supernatural Solution

We think our problems are caused by other people, But they are usually supernatural problems caused by the devil. These problems can only be resolved with a supernatural solution. And God has provided the supernatural solution we need. Every one of us is born into a war zone. We are part of a vast cosmic battle taking place both here on earth and in the heavenly realm. This battle is between God and His angels, and Satan and his demons. Read The Full Article

When Nightmares Haunt You

When nightmares haunt you night after night, here's the bad news: Satan -- or one of his demons -- is stealing the peace that Jesus has given to you. Here's the good news: God is waiting to help you get it back! The following quote is part of a message from a reader: "...I am Read More

PERFECT Was Not Good Enough

For Lucifer, perfect was not good enough. Here's the result for us today: Every problem you have ever had in the past; every problem you have right now; every problem you will ever have in the future; -- all these problems are the direct result of events that took place in eternity-past!. Find out why Read The Full Post

Believe God? Of Course I Believe God!

Are you a "casual Christian" or a "captive Christian"? Are you suffering from spiritual apathy? Do you pretend to believe God in order to impress others? Do you believe in God -- but He makes no significant difference in your life? You can know the answers. Read The Full Post

Enter By The Narrow Gate

When you enter by the narrow gate, the way is hard -- but it leads to life! This is important because the ultimate question is: Are you going to heaven or to hell? But you can know the answer Read The Full Article

Protected: Torment From Past Sins

To understand about torment from past sins, you have to know some things about the spiritual beings who are causing it. Once you know the "back story", it changes your whole perspective on all theguilt, worry, fea, anger, eprsecution, etc. that you are experiencing. Read More...

Protected: How Do I Stand Firm On God’s Promises?

A reader asked, "How Do I Just Stand On That Freedom?", referring to the freedom we are supposed to have when we follow Jesus Read More

The Character Of God Revealed In The Bible

More than anything else, God longs for each and every one of us to Know Him. These passages of Scripture are some of the ones that I have found that reveal the character of God. “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” ~ A.W. Tozer These are Read More

Live A Supernatural Lifestyle

I found this in an archive of Bible lessons from a dozen years ago. I liked it then; I love it now! Normality Dr. Norman Campbell Jul 28, 2003 NORMality for Monday July 28th. 2003. Praise to The Lord, He is ADEQUATE; He is SUFFICIENT, He’s more than ENOUGH! +++++++++++++++++ TODAY’S STUDY Here’s a story Read More

How To Defeat Despair

You have a choice. You can remain in the valley of despair or you can choose to take action and defeat despair. Satan wants to keep you stuck in a well of despair. But you can defeat despair by turning to God in your trial and allowing Him to defeat the devil for you. Read the Full Post