Alaskan Adventure – 2008

Jan Smith – 07/10/2008

Mountain scene near delta junction

I’m sitting in an RV parked at Eagle’s Rest in Valdez, eating fresh halibut for lunch while editing photos and writing this. Joanne shot this photo of the mountains from a vantage point at Delta Junction after 11:00 PM Sunday evening.

The weather went from hot and sunny in Fairbanks to cold and wet as we drove down to Valdez. Because we like to photograph everything, it took us from Sunday afternoon until Tuesday evening to get here. But with scenery like this, who could blame us?

We saw this waterfall just a few miles from Valdez. It’s right at the side of the road. I wonder if the people who built the roads got a chance to stop and admire the beauty of the areas where they were building the roads.

horsetail falls

Yesterday (July 9), we met up with a friend of mine from high school days who took us out on the ocean for the day. He and his wife and 2 friends of theirs fished, while Joanne and I documented the day with our cameras. Here’s a photo of my friend Don (left, straining to hold the rod) and his two friends getting ready to land a 50 pound halibut.

don ricky and herbie landing halibut

While we were on the boat, we saw humpback whales, orca whales (also known as killer whales because they will eat anything), porpoises, sea lions, and puffins. Don and the others caught their limit of halibut, and we had some for dinner last night. Fresh halibut is delicious. They would have given us more, but we have no way to preserve it until we get back to Fairbanks next week.

From here, we’re going to Anchorage, then down the Seward Highway and to the Kenai Peninsula. We’ll go up the Parks highway from there (always stopping for photos) and work our way north. What a state!

Another “first” for me this week was paying $111 and change (at $5.10/gallon – virtually in sight of the trans-Alaska pipeline<s>) to fill the gas tank on the RV. I’m about to do it again. I keep reminding myself of two things: first, that God is in charge of our lives, including our finances, and second, that we don’t have to pay hotel or motel fees each night.

We hope to write more and show a few more images from what for us is a great adventure. But here it is 2:00 in the afternoon, and we haven’t even left for Anchorage yet!<s>




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  • Susan Stevenson 07/14/2008, 3:01 AM

    We just returned from nearly an entire month on the road, towing our travel trailer behind. The gas prices were insane, and we spent more on fuel than we did on lodging and food for this trip. But it’s so worth it, when you see the glorious sights of Alaska around you.

    We’ll be going to Valdez in early August. That’s when my husband will have his fun fishing. He caught a 47lb King Salmon on the Kenai River back in June, so that made him a happy camper.

    Enjoy your trip. I will check your blog for updates!


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  • Lori 07/11/2008, 11:32 PM

    Oh my $5.00+ for GAS… Time to walk in that beautiful country side… I love the Waterfall, I have been hoping you both were having lots of FUN, and glad to see you are both enjoying your selfs. I have enjoyed your emails from the road, Sorry to hear about the trouble with the RV, but I’m sure Joanne had fun spending time with her daughter, Whale watching what a blast. Joanne between Janet and I we have been flooding your email box with lots of new and wonderful family history.
    Be Safe and keep enjoying yourselves… Lots of Love to you both,

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  • John Dufour 07/11/2008, 3:38 PM

    Your photographs are great, may God bless you and keep you safe on you journey/


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  • Jennifer C 07/11/2008, 7:47 AM

    I’m so happy that you’re having a good time. It’s hard being away from my family way up here, but it’s fun to know that my being here has prompted you to go on this little adventure. Be safe, don’t get too close to the wildlife. haha! I hope you continue to have good weather for the trip. See you soon!

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  • Ernie-Dofoot 07/11/2008, 3:32 AM

    Praise the Lord;
    Great site! We still have some of the Valdez coho from 2006 trip in canning jars, open one every now and then. Enjoy your “Loop” trip. Our Kids in Valdez, Palmer and Wasilla have showed us alot of Alaska __ We love it all! I am still working on posting all the pictures in albums and on PC and FF, as Walmart mixed a bunch of them up really bad, (I’ve got two on 35MM and three Alaska trips on digital),then my old PC took a turn to \\_ spaced-out! So have a new HP a6234x so am back at sorting and filing. Checkout the creek at mile 75 Parks Highway, my Grandson just hualed in a 35 lb king (chinook) there last week but the run may be over by the time you get there on your schedule. The silvers and chum may be in then! Travel safely. Best Regards
    >Ernest & Beverly Dougherty
    1430 Dixon Blvd Apt 217
    Cocoa, Fl 32922-6473

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